Written by Rasha AlSharqawi

This blog talks about crypto freelancing platforms, how FLAN is adopting new payment streams, and introduces to you the FLAN Token (FLN) and our partnership with Celo.

Looking at the global economy today, there’s a huge demand for workers at every skill level. Not only that…

Written by Rasha Alsharqawi

This blog expands on the many pricing strategies freelancers can utilize and aims at helping freelance designers reach a pricing strategy that would get them a step closer to what they want their freelancing career to look like.

Many freelancers consider determining a price for a…

Written by Rasha Alsharqawi

This is a blog that discusses design as we know it today, how it’s changing, and according to what.

Unlike 20 years ago when ‌‌designers‌ had very specific career paths and roles within certain industries, designers today enjoy being part of a growing number of sectors…

Written by Rasha AlSharqawi

This blog is a pros and cons summary of hiring local designers vs. non-local designers for your new design project. It provides a quick overview of major challenges and opportunities you as an employer, might experience when dealing with either.

Table of Content:

  1. General Considerations Set…

Written by Rasha AlSharqawi

As a business owner or marketing manager embarking on a new design project, coming up with a suitable means to reach your goal can be a challenge. This is where design briefs come into the picture. Think of design briefs as the vessels of your ideas…

Written by Rasha Alsharqawi

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘organization is key’?

Since this applies to most aspects of life, predictably, it also applies to freelance gigs. For many designers organization doesn’t come easy, however, it becomes necessary with more work, larger projects, and collaborative gigs. Organizing…


Flan is an online platform that connects designers with local opportunities and vice versa, and provides tools that make freelancing sustainable.

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